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Thesaurus linguae Latinae (TLL)


Index librorum scriptorum inscriptionum ex quibus exempla afferuntur

The Index should enable every user of the Thesaurus to identify and locate all passages cited. Its abbreviations have been adopted by a large number of publications in the field of ancient philology. As an added benefit, the Index offers a concise overview of nearly all available Latin texts of antiquity, from both literary and non-literary sources. It may be useful, therefore, to consult the Index even independently of the Thesaurus itself.

The first edition of the Index was published in 1904. The present on-line version is based on the revised printed edition of 1990, edited by C. G. van Leijenhorst and D. Krömer. Here newly available texts have been and will continue to be incorporated, as will changes in any of the abbreviations used in citing works (you can also download the Addenda Indici here). New editions which do not require any changes in these abbreviations will normally not be mentioned in the Index. It is assumed that the reader is aware of them.

The Index is now available as a single file to facilitate searching with CTRL + F. Its large size may cause problems for some browsers (e.g. older versions of Microsoft Edge). We recommend that you update your browser or install the free browser Firefox.

If you would like to display small caps in your own work: With this macro you can convert the capital letters of ancient authors into small caps (text file).