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Thesaurus linguae Latinae (TLL)


Staff Members

General Editor:

Dr. Michael Hillen, phone 089 23031-1167


Dr. John Blundell, phone 089 23031-1166
Dr. Nigel Holmes, phone 089 23031-1168
Drs Cornelis G. van Leijenhorst
Drs Marijke Ottink, phone 089 23031-1162
Dr. Paolo Pieroni, phone 089 23031-1164
Dr. Josine Schrickx, phone 089 23031-1162


Dr. Hugo Beikircher
Dr. Anne-Elisabeth Beron, phone 089 23031-1165
Dr. Massimo Cè, phone 089 23031-1227
Dr. Carmela Cioffi, phone 089 23031-1163
Dr. Christopher Dowson
Dr. Adam Gitner, phone 089 23031-1164
Dr. habil. István Hajdú, phone 089 23031-1163
Dr. Roberta Marchionni, phone 089 23031-1158
Dr. Eduard Meusel, phone 089 23031-1165
Dr. Gabriela Ryser, phone 089 23031-1227
Dr. Martin Shedd, Telefon 089 23031-1226
Dr. Pierre Siegenthaler, phone 089 23031-1226
Dr. Friedrich Spoth, phone 089 23031-1158
Dr. Claudia Wick, phone 089 23031-1302

Librarian and Archivist:

Evelyn-Anita Liebert-Balder M.A., phone 089 23031-1156
Email: tll.bibliothek@thesaurus.badw.de

Executive Secretary:

Dr. Manfred Flieger, phone 089 23031-1159


Gerard Duursma, phone 089 23031-1160


Barbara Müller, phone 089 23031-1160

External Scholars

Of the scholarly advisers outside the institute, an expert on Indo-European writes the etymologies and a specialist in Romance languages the section on the later history of the words. Several scholars both in Germany and elsewhere help with the proof-reading and make valuable corrections and suggestions, particularly from the viewpoint of their special areas of interest.

Specialist on Indo-European: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Meiser (Halle).

Specialist in Romance languages: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schweickard and Dott. Francesco Crifò (Saarbrücken).

Scholarly advisers: Prof. Dr. Cynthia Damon (Philadelphia), Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dietrich Fischer (Mainz), Prof. Dr. Paolo Gatti (Trento), Dr. Friedrich Heberlein (Eichstätt), Prof. Dr. Harry Hine (St. Andrews), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hübner (Münster), Prof. Dr. Severin Koster (Saarbrücken), Prof. Dr. Aldo Lunelli (Padova),Prof. Dr. Simon Malloch (Nottingham), Prof. Dr. Matteo Massaro (Bari), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang de Melo (Oxford), Prof. Dr. Elena Merli (Milano), Prof. Dr. Eva Schulz-Flügel (Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Heikki Solin (Helsinki), Dr. Clemens Weidmann (Wien).

List of Contributors

In this pdf you can find a list of all the authors of dictionary entries and the expansions of the abbreviations used in the dictionary for the names of editors.